Particle Systems for in vitro and in vivo Diagnostics

Our focus is on multifunctional nanoparticles that enable the further development of individualized therapy and diagnostics. For the design of tailor-made particle systems, a novel concept was developed at Fraunhofer ISC.ORMOBEAD®s are a new generation of multifunctional particle systems and an overall concept that offers, due to its variable modules, solutions even for very complex requirements. With ORMOBEAD® particle systems there is a high flexibility in respect of size, material, effective targeting and type of imaging process. Thus, ORMOBEAD®s bind biomarkers, encapsulate active substances and make them in in vitro and in vivo application accessible to various imaging processes such as computer tomography and magnetic resonance tomography.

Particle Properties:

  • defined particle form and size
  • tight particle size distribution
  • controlled particle morphology
  • high luminescence intensity and photostability
  • (superpara-)magnetism
  • surface functionalization of nanoparticles, e. g. for direct or indirect coupling of biomarkers or for cell targeting