The Translational Center

The Fraunhofer Translational Center Regenerative Therapies TLC-RT develops tissue models as an alternative to animal testing. This involves establishing scalable manufacture processes and engineering technical prototypes and developing biological (vascularized) implants. Therefore, besides accelerating cost efficient drug development, TLC-RT promotes the 3R principles.

The main goal is the fast application and implementation of current material research and tissue engineering for pre-clinical and clinical usage. By cooperating closely with partners in medical technology, biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industry, we conduct research on behalf of companies, diagnostic laboratories and research facilities.

Creativity and interdisciplinarity competences allow us pursuing new paths leading up new high tech products for the healthcare sector. As application oriented research facility we are able to tackle new topics by initiating publicly funded projects and/or collaborating with industrial partners, renownend research institutes and universities.

The Translational Center Regenerative Therapies TLC-RT is proud of offering its partners and clients an exceptionally broad variety of services, from risk assessment through development of cell based implants and medicinal products up to preclinical studies and meeting demands for receiving manufacturers permission.


Read more about our fields of activity or services in our Translational Center information leaflet.