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Human eyesight is one of our most valued senses. To protect this against harmful substances, chemicals have to be evaluated for their potential to cause eye irritation. The Draize test ist one of the international standard methods, using rabbits for the testing procedure. The Translational Center Regenerative Therapies in Würzburg developed an alternative animal-free testing method, based on primary human cornea epithelial cells in an in-vitro model and a non-destructive measuring system. This combination allows to evaluate and match test results according to the three categories of the globally harmonized system of eye irritation classification with sufficient accuracy and reliability.  This could pave the way according to the 3R principle to replace the Draize eye test.

>> Here you can read the full article about “Replacing the Draize eye test: Impedance spectroscopy as a 3R method to discriminate between all GHS categories for eye irritation”.

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