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The Fraunhofer Translational Center for Regenerative Therapy TLZ-RT not only develops biomaterials, but also equipment for the tissue engineering process and regenerative therapies. His work focuses on cell-material interactions, incubators and bioreactors for the long-term culture of various cell types and tissues under physiological conditions. In addition, the development of non-invasive detection methods to control the viability and state of differentiation of human tissues.

For tissue engineering of organs and tissues, it is essential to maintain the function of tissue-specific cells in vitro. That is, the microenvironment of the cells must be mimicked in vivo. Conditions such as media flow, rotational loading and oscillating forces are important factors in the development of the tissue.

For this we develop devices such as bioreactors as well as specific incubator systems. In addition, we provide for the construction of an automated laboratory in which test systems can be produced, substance tests carried out and, in the medium term, implants can be produced under the required technical conditions.




Laboratory automations

Process automation
flexible automation platform
Lab 4.0 - Laboratory Automation for Cell-Based Therapies
Digitization Lab 4.0 - Laboratory automation for cell-based therapies


System for the dynamic cultivation of tissue constructs
Modular system
Variety of applications adaptable (sensors, actuators)


Application-specific bioreactor technology for 3D tissue engineering
Innovative materials and manufacturing processes (rapid prototyping)

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