Biomaterials for Research and Industry

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Therapeutic wound patch

The TLC-RT develops synthetic as well as bio-logically based materials, e. g. (μ- and nano-) particles, fibers, coatings for regenerative medicine, tissue engineering and diagnostics. One of the core tasks is to cover the entire value chain, starting from R&D-tasks over process up-scaling, pre-clinic evaluation to the clinical phases.

The TLC-RT provides both the infrastructure for and the experience in processing and manufacturing biomaterials on a pilot scale. Expertise in implementing automated processes for the material synthesis under GMP-compliant conditions and down-stream services as material testing of biocompatibility according to DIN EN ISO 10993 standards and – more advanced – in complex human 3D in-vitro tissue models, which bear a higher predictive power compared to animal tests, completes the supply.

Current activities are focused on biohybrid and biodegradable materials with biofunctionalization, biologized surfaces or controlled drug release properties.

Research Topics

  • Material-based regenerative therapies, wound care and dental restauration
  • Implant manufacturing tailored individually to patient's need
  • Therapy specific diagnostics
  • 3D –Tissue Engineering



  • Application-specific bioreactor technologies for 3D tissue engineering
  • Protein engineering
  • Design of biomaterials and biologizing of implants
  • Theranostics based on materials / compounds
  • Lab 4.0 – lab automatization for cell-based therapies


Material Development


Device Development

  • Bioreactors
  • Incubator technologies
  • Process automatization / Robotics
  • ArtCut® – device for standardized and automated wounding of in-vitro tissue models